Unboxing the AccuQuilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutting Machine: Stepping Up My Crafting Game!


As an avid quilter and crafter who previously owned the AccuQuilt GO! manual machine, I decided it was time to upgrade to the AccuQuilt GO! Big electric fabric cutting machine. The promise of faster, more efficient cutting with less physical effort was too enticing to pass up. Here’s a detailed look at my unboxing experience and first impressions of this highly anticipated addition to my quilting toolkit.

Unboxing Step-by-Step

  1. Opening the Box: Carefully cut the tape sealing the box and opened it to reveal the contents securely nestled within protective foam. The thoughtful packaging ensured that everything arrived in perfect condition.
  2. The Contents:
    • The AccuQuilt GO! Big Machine: Encased in plastic and cradled by foam inserts, the machine was pristine and ready for action.
    • Accessories: The box included an assortment of essential items such as a cutting mat, a die pick, and a detailed instruction manual.
    • Power Cord and Adapter: Essential for the electric functionality of the machine, these were securely packed alongside the main unit.
  3. Removing the Machine: Lifted the machine out of the box with care, noting its substantial but manageable weight. The AccuQuilt GO! Big is larger than the manual version, but it’s designed for easy setup and use.

First Impressions

The AccuQuilt GO! Big boasts a sleek, modern design. The robust construction is evident, yet it maintains an elegant aesthetic that will fit beautifully in any crafting space. The larger size compared to the manual version hints at its increased capabilities.

Setting Up

  1. Positioning the Machine: Found a dedicated space for the machine on a sturdy table, ensuring it was stable and accessible.
  2. Connecting the Power: Plugged in the power cord and adapter, and connected it to a nearby outlet. The electric functionality is a significant upgrade, promising to make fabric cutting more efficient and less strenuous.
  3. Reviewing the Manual: Took a moment to review the instruction manual. It was clear and comprehensive, covering everything from basic operations to maintenance tips.
  4. Preparing for the First Cut: Selected the included die and corresponding cutting mat. The dies are easy to handle, and the mats are sturdy, ensuring precise cuts.

Testing the Machine

With everything in place, it was time to test the AccuQuilt GO! Big. I powered up the machine, and the first thing I noticed was how quietly it operated. Feeding the fabric and die through the machine was effortless compared to the manual version. The electric functionality provided smooth, consistent cutting with minimal effort on my part.

The cuts were precise, clean, and quick, allowing me to prepare multiple fabric pieces in a fraction of the time it would take manually. This efficiency is a game-changer, particularly for larger projects that require numerous fabric pieces.

Comparison to the Manual Machine

Having used the AccuQuilt GO! manual machine for years, the transition to the GO! Big electric machine is transformative. The electric model significantly reduces the physical effort required, making it easier on my hands and shoulders. Additionally, the ability to cut multiple layers of fabric at once with consistent precision enhances both the speed and accuracy of my quilting projects.


Unboxing and setting up the AccuQuilt GO! Big electric fabric cutting machine was a seamless and exhilarating experience. This machine promises to revolutionize my quilting process, offering unmatched efficiency, precision, and ease of use. For any quilter looking to elevate their craft, the AccuQuilt GO! Big is a worthy investment.

I’m thrilled to start new projects with my GO! Big and can’t wait to share the beautiful quilts, bags, book covers, and anything else I can dream up that this incredible machine will help me create. Stay tuned for updates and project showcases!

Happy Crafting!

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